Need a quick loan but don't want to effect your credit? If that's the case for you, then a pawn with us is the way to go. A pawn is a type of loan that uses some form of personal merchandise as collateral in exchange for cash on the spot. You may be thinking, how does this work? Well it's actually pretty simple. At Sunset, our loans are 30 day loans with a 60 day grace period. As soon as you bring it in, your due date is 30 days from that date. You then have a 60 day grace period after said due date until you would be eligible to lose that merchandise. You can always extend that due date with payments of increments of 10% of the initial loan. That 10% is important, because that is the monthly interest rate for our loans. As soon as you put an item in, it gains 10% interest. If you have any questions on this feel free to call us at 620-669-0751.


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